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Who’s Who?

Last Updated: October 24, 2018

The Governors and Staff of the school

“Governance is effective and governors share leaders’ ambitions and high expectations. Regular visits to school ensure that they have a clear understanding of the school’s current strengths and weaknesses. Governors bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and commitment to the governing body, and their skills and experience are used well to support school improvement. They have a clear understanding of the way in which performance management is used and its links to teachers’ pay. Governors are trained well in all aspects of safeguarding. They make sure that they keep up to date with current guidance and regularly monitor this key aspect of the schools’ work, so that pupils are safe” (OFSTED 2017)


Name Governor Status
Mrs Siân Deane Headteacher
Mrs Rachel Gillett  Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Jenny Embery Staff Governor (Non-Teaching)
Mrs Diane Davidson Chair of Governors
Mrs Jacqui Idiens
Vice Chair of Governors
Mrs Emma Weaver Parent Governor
Mrs Olivia Briggs Co-Opted Governor
Mrs Claire Wilson
Co-Opted Governor
Mrs Samantha Brothwood
Parent Governor
Mrs Barbara Williams
Associate Governor
Miss Clarissa Woodcock
Co-Opted Governor
Mrs Heather Churm
Co-Opted Governor
Mrs Louise Collins
Parent Governor


Teaching Staff

“Teaching is good and makes sure pupils know how they can improve their work further. Pupils take a pride in their work and their books are a credit to them” (OFSTED 2013)

Name Teacher Role
Mrs Siân Deane Headteacher
Mrs Rachel Gillett Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Helen Watson Class Teacher (Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Leader)
Miss Anna Baylis Class Teacher (Key Stage 2 Leader and transition to KS3)
Mrs Katie Maton Class Teacher
Mrs Jennifer Millington Class Teacher
Mrs Margaret Winter Class Teacher
Mrs Elle Woodman Class Teacher
Mrs Alex Harrowell Class Teacher
Mrs Vanessa Fowler Class Teacher
Miss Kate Prentice Class Teacher
Miss Paige Cureton Class Teacher


Non-teaching Staff

“Teaching assistants are well briefed and no time is wasted as pupils move into groups to do their work.” (OFSTED 2013)

Name Role
Mrs Heather Churm School Business Manager
Mrs Louise Fisher Clerical Assistant
Miss Sadrah Sheiraz Clerical Assistant
Mrs Jenny Embery Caretaker
Mrs Caron Marchant School Cook
Miss Louise Starr Catering Assistant
Mrs Elaine Dunn Catering Assistant
Mrs Donna Edwards Catering Assistant
Mrs Pat Newbrook Cover Supervisor
Miss Jo Birch Cover Supervisor
Mrs Alex Metcalfe Cover Supervisor
Mrs Samantha Brothwood Cover Supervisor
Mrs Philippa Carter Teaching Assistant
Key worker for After School Club
Miss Deb Ferguson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Gratton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helena Hogg Teaching Assistant
Mrs Maria Gibbons Teaching Assistant
Mrs Deb Hughes Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elaine Twigg Teaching Assistant
Mrs Janice Preston Teaching Assistant
Key worker for Breakfast Club
Mrs Michaela Kennedy Teaching Assistant
Mrs Michaela Hutchinson-Bell Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elysia Gapper Teaching Assistant
Mr Courtenay Towns Teaching Assistant

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