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Last Updated: November 10, 2016

Homework makes an important contribution to pupils’ progress at school. It provides opportunities for you to develop the partnership with school and share responsibility for your child’s learning. By setting homework we aim to provide opportunities for your child to practise and revise what they have been learning in class. We will encourage your child to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own, as they get older, preparing them for the requirements of Secondary School. Spelling and reading homework is set each night. In addition there is some written homework set, to match your child’s ability and age. Details of your child’s homework will be sent out to you at the beginning of each term.

Pupils are expected to read every day at home and also
manage a demanding amount of homework (OFSTED 2013).

Setting homework to meet your child’s needs

Setting the right type of homework for children with special educational is essential. Some children in mainstream schools may benefit from tasks separate from the homework set for other children in the class. On the other hand, it is important that they should do as much in common with other children as possible. Setting appropriate homework, which does not demand too much or too little of children and their parents, needs close co-ordination between class teachers, special needs co-ordinators and parents.

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