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Friends of Holmer Lake Primary

Last Updated: October 24, 2018

The FOHLSA is for the parents, staff and friends of Holmer Lake School and has been developed to allow all these partners to share in the life of the school. Some of the proposed activities of the group are:

  • Fund raising – Through its successful fund raising activities, FOHLSA has raised considerable sums of money that allow us to provide greater resources for the school as well as involving many parents, teachers and friends in a friendly and co-operative way.
  • Information – the association can arrange information meetings to find out more about life and work at school.
  • Contact – a way in which Holmer Lake School can make closer contact with all the other communities on Brookside and Stirchley.
  • Social – activities are arranged for parents, staff pupils and friends.

Each parent is automatically a member of the Friends of Holmer Lake School. You are warmly invited to all our meetings and to participate in any activity arranged by the group.

Helping in School

We actively encourage parents to support in the classroom, providing they have a clear CRB, a requirement for all adults who work with children. A letter requesting help will be sent out each term to parents.

The school makes rigorous checks on the suitability of adults to work with pupils.

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