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Last Updated: September 25, 2017

Admissions Policy
Admissions 2016-2017

Anti-bullying Policy
Holmer Lake Primary School Anti Bullying Policy 2016

Anti-bullying Policy – Children’s Version
Anti-bullying children’s versions – R R.1 1.2 17

Anti-bullying children’s versions – Y2 17

Anti-bullying children’s versions – Y3 Y3.4 Y4.5 17

Anti-bullying children’s versions – Y5 and Y6 17

Behaviour for Learning
Behaviour for Learning April 2017

Charging Policy
Charging 2016-2017

Child Protection Policy
Child Protection Policy 2017-2018

Code of Conduct
Code of conduct September 2016-2017

Complaints Policy
Complaints 2016-2017

Data Protection
Data Protection 2016-2017

Equality Objectives
Equality Objectives 2016-2017

Financial Matters 
Financial matters

Freedom of Information
Freedom of Info- 2016-2017

Health and Safety in School
Health and Safety

Joining and Leaving the School
Joining And Leaving The School

Medical Needs Policy
Medical needs May 2017

Partnership with Parents
Partnership With Parents

School Uniform
School Uniform

SEN Policy
SEN policy 2016 2017

The School Day
The School Day 2016-2017

Visits and Extra Curricular Activity
Visits and extra-curricular events


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