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Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Holmer Lake Primary School. The time spent in primary school is an extremely important part of any child’s life. We want the time spent here to be full of exciting and challenging learning experiences which allow and encourage your child to develop to their full ability. We hope that you, your child and staff can work closely together to make Holmer Lake Primary School the kind of community where every child is valued, where your child grows as a developing and caring individual and where the highest standards of learning are achieved. Your child should expect to work hard but should expect to have fun too!

Through our school website we hope to give you a broad outline of the opportunities offered to your child at this school. We invite you to visit us while the school is at work so that you can better understand the kind of school community we are. This invitation is offered to any parent, whether your child is of pre-school age or very much older.

The Governors and Staff of the school look forward to working with you over the years that your child is at Holmer Lake Primary School. We hope that we are able to share with you the excitement of your child’s learning and, as partners, work with you to achieve the high expectations we have for each child at Holmer Lake Primary School.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Siân Deane

Mrs Rachel Gillett
Deputy Headteacher


  • may, 2016

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    May Bank Holiday


    Year 3/4 Learning Assembly


    Year 3 Learning Assembly

    30may - 3jun

    Half Term Holiday